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“This show absolutely inspires me - the guests and Lis are quite literally changing the world. Truly grateful that I found this podcast, and look forward to continuing to listen!”

“Lis has an infectious energy that seems to burst through your screen. We need more of these conversations between women who are DOING IT. You will come away inspired and with food for thought. Highly recommend.”

“I’m loving this podcast so much! Lis has amazing guests on the show and so many fun topics. I loved the episode about money mindset - that’s a must-listen for any woman in business!  This podcast will inspire you to go big in your business and remind you of your deeper mission.”

“Lis is so fun to listen to and brings incredible women together through this show. Powerful thought leadership and guests that are equal parts authentic and inspiring in their motivation to impact meaningful change in the world. So worth listening to!”

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