Instead of asking for a seat at the table, we decided to...

The reason why the things we want to see happen in the world - a clean energy future, social and racial justice, universal human rights - aren’t happening is not because too few people want them.

About the Girls Club Collective

(And you’re invited.)

We’re the intentionally intimate feminine leadership lab for change agents.

We can't wait to welcome you—submit your application by September 17 to be a part of the magic.

 Amanda Luchetti

“[This will] be one of the best experiences of your life, and you will gain life-long friendships from it. The Girls Club gave me the right feedback, asked the right questions, and provided support - and, quite frankly, ‘magic’ - and I'm seeing the payoff happening now.”

Danielle Jezienicki

"I saw myself through the eyes of other women, and built a community of women who were my best cheerleaders, asked me tough questions and helped me feel connected to those doing the same hard work of changing the world."

Stacy Magdaluyo

"I started Girls Club as a small flicker in a dark room - one that was at risk of being fully extinguished (burnout). [Now, I’m] a powerful torch, lighting the way for other women I come in contact with, and taking what I've learned and weaving it into the program design for how we empower other Asian females at my firm."


and I'm your secret weapon.

I’ve been in the roles you’re in now — tasked with creating systems, organizations, and products that help people make good choices, battling outdated ways of thinking, and desperately wishing the island you’re on came with a cute one-piece and a bottle or two of bubbly.

I helped take the sustainability initiative at a Fortune 200 company from a single paragraph copy-pasted from something that got legal approval once upon a time to a full-on program featured on conference stages and in classrooms. I’ve consulted with companies whose products you use daily, and I’ve worked behind the scenes to build an impact program at the nation's most-hated and fastest-growing company (guesses?!). 

I'm a firm believer in embracing the idea that it gets to feel good while you do it. (And not just once it’s done.)


Hi, I’m Lis, 

Our participants have experience with organizations like:

More than doubled their income in 2 years

Passed food security legislation

Led the first public-private partnership focused on corporate social entrepreneurship

Negotiated a 40% raise

Closed 6-figure donors

Founded a leading human-centered ESG consulting firm

Worked at the Obama White House

Spent a year living in the Peruvian Amazon

Been the first woman in their extended family to graduate from college

Pushed our team and leadership to have uncomfortable discussions around the oppressive, racist, patriarchal roots of philanthropy

Had their amateur photography displayed in an exhibit

Built out impact strategies and programs from the ground up

Had and raised babies and survived!

Led Congressional campaigns

Raised over $2 million dollars for movements, nonprofits, and disaster relief efforts

Worked at the UN in Geneva and NY

Created amazing relationships with amazing humans

Gotten major national corporations to set 100% renewable energy goals

Our Members Have

Reasons to Join the Collective

You’ll receive:

We’ll be your secret weapon.

Regular reminders that you’re not in this alone.

Real relationships with like-hearted change agents.

Intel on how she really got that thing done (not the polished talking points version).

Join the collective for women who are changing the world.