Have you been craving a community of change agents who inspire you, lift you up, and cheer you on?

You've come to the right place. The Girls Club Collective is where change agents ready to reimagine our world join forces — because we know we go further together.

We can't wait to welcome you — submit your application by September 17 to be a part of the magic.

Girls Club Collective

But you know that your impact would be even bigger if you had access to an extended team of like-minded leaders and a more personally sustainable approach.

You know you're here to make an impact.

You want to prioritize connection with other people in your space, but with only so many hours in the day, the last thing you want to do is send a cold LinkedIn message to someone just as busy as you are.

As a team of one (or one fewer than you need), you don’t always have the resources to create the change the world needs on your own.

You want to reimagine what ambition means for you and how work can actually fit into your life (instead of the other way around).

You know that access to a brain trust of badass women would be a game-changer, but you have no idea where to start in building out your own personal board of directors.

What if all you have to do to feel more confident and connected as a leader is show up in the right place and be yourself?


You are a(n)...

Multi-passionate change agent
You have multiple projects and responsibilities on your plate, and you wear a lot of hats in your work and your life. You want to build deeper connections with other people in a similar place and invest in your growth as a leader, but you don’t want to put yourself in a box.

Entrepreneur on a mission
You care deeply about your clients and your collaborators, but entrepreneurship can be lonely! You’d love to build real relationships with other change agents outside of a sales or project call, but you’re not sure where to start or how to make the time.

ESG leader on a small-but-mighty team
You’re a team of one (or one less than you really need to tackle the challenge at hand). You’re looking for ways to connect with other people in the field who can share their secrets with you.

Who wants to…

Create a future that works for all of us. You know a better world is possible, and you’re committed to building it.

Build authentic relationships with the kinds of women who you’ve had work crushes on for years. You want to surround yourself with people who will cheer you on, connect dots, open doors, and mention your name in a room full of opportunities, and you’re ready to do the same.

Help get more like-hearted leaders in positions of power and create new systems. You know that we’ll go further together than we will alone, and you’re committed to bringing other people along with you (not pulling the ladder up as you go).

We believe in shining a light on the real-life humans who are shaping the future. Through our member and guest expert sessions, thought leadership and personal branding resources, and quarterly visibility campaigns, we want to amplify the people and voices who inspire us.

Visibility and amplification

We've created a space for a new generation of leaders to embody a totally different style of leadership than many of us have seen modeled—leadership that is intuitive, collaborative, creative, thoughtful and long-term. We're big believers in experiential learning, and we curate our programming and resources to help change agents and rebels with a cause embody a new kind of leadership confidently and authentically.

Leadership development tools and resources

Relationship-building is core to everything we do. Through curated monthly matches, collective problem-solving, and power hour reflection and networking calls, we exist to connect the dots for leaders who are birthing the new.

Connection and community

We offer:




Work nights and weekends

Hire a team

Conduct cold outreach on LinkedIn

Up your social media game

Work 60-hour (or even 40-hour) weeks

You don’t need to:

Here’s some of what you DON’T need to become a more confident and connected leader with a personally sustainable impact career.

(unless you want to!)

What you need is an ecosystem of other leaders who will support your goals by making introductions, sharing lessons learned, and amplifying your amazingness.

That means you not only join a community of people you want to know; you’ll also take a look at how you can grow as a leader, what you really want, and why your dream of living by the beach and working for yourself isn’t as crazy as it may sometimes feel.

We’re the anti-establishment answer to the boys’ club — reimagining ambition and leading the movement of meaningful work fueled by moxie, strategy, and a little bit of magic.










How we will make magic

The intentionally intimate community for change agents looking for an extended team, extra brains, and an energizing environment geared towards personal and professional growth.

Introducing the
Girls Club Collective.

Because going it alone is so 2010.

Is “network” on your 2024 to-do list?

Let us handle it for you

We’re a destination for intentional connection, radical celebration, and curated resources that help us band together to solve our world’s biggest problems. 

Through this community experience, you’ll build your own circle of change-makers and world-shakers, gain tools that make it easier to get stuff done, and both give and receive insight on how to increase your impact.


Join women from across the social impact and sustainability space who are ready to divulge their tips, tools, and tactics for lobbying decision-makers and leveraging communication to create global change in a way that feels personally sustainable.


Curated monthly coffee date matches aligned with your goals

Monthly power hours for you to connect with other collective members

Monthly peer advisory office hours where you can bring your personal and professional challenges for collective problem-solving

Member-only workshops, pop-ups and programming, online and IRL



Through our collective efforts, we’ll increase each others’ confidence, open doors, and affect greater change, together.

We're welcoming new members at four different times during the year, and our applications are open on a rolling basis. Submit yours by January 16, March 15, June 4, or September 17 to join the cohort kicking off later that month.

Be part of a dedicated cohort of ESG leaders and change agents. You'll meet monthly with a dedicated group to magicmind your biggest challenges, opportunities, and ideas, both personal and professional.

Monthly 2-hour magicmind meetings with a dedicated cohort of change agents for 6 months

Monthly coffee date matchmaking

Private cohort-only platform to share updates, celebrate wins, and stay accountable

6 months of GCC membership after the cohort concludes

We're running magicminds at two different times during the year, and our applications are open on a rolling basis. Our next magicmind will be kicking off in Fall 2024.

Two 60-minute one-on-one coaching calls

More than half of our members and alumni have been able to leverage organizational professional development funds to support their participation (or write it off as a #businessexpense).

Grab our personal development budget request email template here. Modify it, make it your own, and tap your professional development budget to make magic with the Collective.

Want help making the business case?


Let’s build a future that works for all of us —

Since 2020, we've been curating events and community experiences for women changing the world to connect and get clear on your big-picture dreams.

About us

We're experts at bringing badass women together.


"GCC is a place where real people doing the work talk about real $#!+ in real time. It's an open, collaborative and heart-led space for women in social impact/ ESG/ sustainability/ CSR who are craving a supportive professional networking group"

Janice Lee

"One of the best things I've done for myself in 2023 was join the Girls Club Collective (GCC). The relationship building feels easy, authentic, and fun. There’s a great mix of community members that are working to create change from inside of companies, through consulting, through entrepreneurship, and beyond, meaning a variety of lenses and perspectives brought to each conversation. I ALWAYS leave a GCC event (virtual or IRL) lighter, more optimistic, and with more ideas than when I came. And an intentional community culture of amplifying feminine leadership and radical celebration is ... so refreshing"

Jessica Custer

“This year I tried something new. I invested $$ and time into my career social life. And it has been 1000x worth it"

Sam Hartsock

Are you ready to up-level your leadership, growth, and connection?

You’re not interested in being a resource for others.

You’re looking for somewhere to sell your services.

You’re only here to land your next gig.

Probably *not* for you if:

You're ready to both give and receive support in community.

You’re committed to expanding your circle of like-minded leaders.

You have at least 3 years of experience working as a change agent in some capacity.

This *is* for you if:

I've seen firsthand how some of the most powerful people in the world are thinking about women’s seat at the table. 

As I dove deeper into the leadership landscape, I continued to feel underwhelmed with the corporate and cookie cutter content and programs heavy on accolades, but light on authenticity.

I created the Girls Club because I thought, what if instead of a seat at the table, we built our own f***ing table?

I’ve been in the roles you’re in now — tasked with creating systems, organizations, and products that help people make good choices, battling outdated ways of thinking, and desperately wishing the island you’re on came with a cute one-piece and a bottle or two of bubbly. 

Meet Lis Best


Frequently asked questions

To join, you need to have at least 3 years of experience working as a change agent in some capacity — many of our members have anywhere from 5-20 (or more!).

You need to fill out our application, which includes questions to make sure our goals and your goals are aligned, and submit your credit card information (we’ll only charge you once you’re accepted).

As with any experience, you’ll get out of this what you put in. That said, the Girls Club Collective is a GUILT-FREE ZONE. We know that some months you may be able to attend every event (yay!), and other months you may be heads down in life and work. That’s why membership is a one-year commitment (to accommodate life’s ebbs and flows). 

If you can commit to engaging with our community for an average of 2-4 hours per month, you’ll get a ton out of the experience.

We’ve created a personal development funds email template that you can leverage for this purpose and are happy to provide an overview PDF upon request (just hit reply when you receive the email template!). If there’s anything else that we can do to support your budget ask, please let us know.

We’re so glad you asked! More than half of our Girls Club mastermind participants have been able to tap organizational personal development funds to participate, and we’d love to help you get organizational sponsorship for your participation.

With the exception of our in-person summit and retreats, all Girls Club Collective programming will be held virtually.

In 2024, we do plan to introduce our first-ever IRL mastermind experience for women in the Bay Area. If that’s of interest to you, you’ll find more info in the application.

We’re just getting started! March 2023 is when we officially opened our doors, and the sooner you join, the more you’ll get to share the community experience. Our goal is to welcome 50-100 members to the GCC by the end of 2024.

To accommodate as many time zones and life/career stages as possible, the bulk of our programming will take place Tuesday-Friday between 10am and 1pm Pacific. Every quarter, we will have some community events in the late afternoon Pacific time. 

You can find more detail about the mastermind schedule and dates in the application.

Absolutely! We believe amazing women know the best women, and we’d love for you to invite your biz BFF, favorite collaborator, and/or work crush to join, too.

Love Notes

Join the intentionally intimate feminine
leadership lab for change agents.