We are your dedicated cohort of change agents, move-makers, and rebels with a cause.


We can't wait to welcome you — submit your application to be a part of the magic.

We’ll be your hype women, your cheerleaders, and your extended team.

Are you ready for your life to change?

I've been in your shoes - a team of one (or one fewer than you actually need to create real change). 

The #1 thing that has contributed to my success over the past almost 15 (!) years is the community of change agents and fellow entrepreneurs I've had in my corner.

How would it feel to have a circle of amazing women changing the world who you consider friends and teammates, regardless of where they work? 

Welcome to the
future of impact.

You've been meaning to expand your circle of fellow impact leaders, but it's been challenging to find the time to follow up and create real relationships.

You’re definitely not alone.

Building something from the ground up probably has you feeling that I-only-have-so-many-hours-in-the-day feeling. 


is this you?

The last thing you want to do to "network" is pass out business cards at a conference while someone mansplains ESG or ROI to you.


You're feeling isolated in your work (and maybe your life, too, TBH), and you'd love to feel a little less alone.


You want to spend some time really thinking about how to advance your work, but it's been hard to carve it out. And you're missing thought partners to help you really strategize.


"If you're looking for a dedicated space to bring some of your tough questions you're working through, the Girls Club magicmind is an amazing place to get input, reflect, and sort through your tough questions together."

Dana Wilke

The best part of the program was meeting and forming meaningful connections with other smart, thoughtful, ambitious, and insightful women!

“This was an incredible group of women that I have longed for in my career and a space where vulnerability, generosity, and celebration shone through.”

Kaley Kozlowski

Kaley found a super-supportive community that  left her feeling "uplifted, seen, and inspired"

"So many women are dealing with the same work-life balance and boundaries challenges, and we can learn so much from going deeper with other women, being open and sharing vulnerably."

Hannah Wells

We can learn so much from going deeper.

We want to help you take your time back.

Tasked with building something from the ground up, almost always as a team of one fewer than you actually need to make real change might have you feeling that I-only-have-so-many-hours-in-the-day feeling.

You’re used to navigating internal politics and polishing talking points.

You'll get two 60-minute one-on-one calls for us to go deep on whatever is top of mind for you. It's a chance to customize your experience to help you achieve maximum impact.

One-on-One Coaching

We'll use our matchmaking superpowers to connect you every month with another member one-on-one for added accountability and connection. What you do from there - Zoom, virtual coffee, walk and talk, pole dancing class - is up to you.


These two-hour monthly sessions are an opportunity for you to bring whatever's taking up brain space to the group for collective problem-solving. They're also a chance for you to offer your wisdom to others.

Monthly Magicminds

What you’ll receive:




“COMMUNITY FOR WOMEN IS SO IMPORTANT! They push you to take those risks that you wouldn't otherwise take. (This will) be one of the best experiences of your life, and you will gain life-long friendships from it. The biggest professional challenge I was facing was lack of clarity with where my company was headed. The Girls Club gave me the right feedback, asked the right questions, and provided support - and, quite frankly, "magic" - and I'm seeing the payoff happening now.”

Amanda Luchetti

Amanda got clarity on her business…

case study

“I hit my income goal for 2021 and picked up the second client I was looking for to end the year. I couldn't have done it without nudges and encouragement from my Girls Club!”

Danielle Polini

Danielle met her 2021 income goals

"I would definitely recommend this program! It felt so good to meet with this group monthly and learn about how they are handling work/personal life as well as to hear their input on things I'm dealing with. Having this group gave me more confidence in how I showed up at work."

Whitney Reyes

Whitney increased her professional confidence

“Joining the Girls Club was the best thing I could have done for myself starting a new role.”

Stephanie Dolmat

Stephanie built out a dream team


I’ve been in the roles you’re in now — tasked with creating systems, organizations, and products that help people make good choices, battling outdated ways of thinking, and desperately wishing the island you’re on came with a cute one-piece and a bottle or two of bubbly. 

I've seen firsthand how some of the most powerful people in the world are thinking about women’s seat at the table. 

As I dove deeper into the leadership landscape, I continued to feel underwhelmed with the corporate and cookie cutter content and programs heavy on accolades, but light on authenticity.

I created the Girls Club because I thought, what if instead of asking for a seat at the table, we built our own f***ing table?

Hi! I'm Lis 👋.

Meet our facilitators-in-training

Senior director of ESG, Robert Half

Stephanie Dolmat



Founder, Dispatch Goods
Mister Sister Studio

Maia Tekle



Global Philanthropy, PagerDuty

Suprita Kudesia



Coach, ESG Consultant and GCC Project manager

Drew Taylor Cohen



Your Investment

$5,000 or $625/month for 8 months

70+% of magicmind participants have been able to leverage organizational professional development funds to support their participation.

Grab our personal development budget request email template here. Modify it, make it your own, and tap your professional development budget to make magic.

Want help making the business case?

We totally get it. Here’s our take.

Wondering if this is right for you?

You're not ready to ditch the hustle and create more balance in your life

You're not interested in contributing your time + expertise to support others

You're not in a place to carve out time for yourself each month

Probably *not* for you if:

You're committed to being anti-racist and advancing a more inclusive and equitable world

You love supporting other women doing awesome things

You work in impact - ESG, sustainability, DEI, climate, social impact, entrepreneurship - or you're an entrepreneur who cares about leaving the world better than you found it (but wants to do so in a personally sustainable way)

This *is* for you if:

Frequently asked questions

Although we have future plans to offer a cohort of the magicmind in person in the Bay Area, we are currently meeting 100% virtually.

The Girls Club will be an intimate group. Each cohort will be 8-10 people maximum to allow time for everyone to participate.

We will confirm exact dates and timing upon registration.

As with most community experiences, you get out of this what you put in. Allocating 4 hours per month to participate in the sessions and GCC community, plus connect 1:1 with other members should allow you to get the maximum benefit from this investment.

All Girls Club members have two 1:1 coaching sessions with Lis plus ongoing support via our private members-only platform.

Other badass women changing the world! We personally review every application we receive.

Yes, please! Amazing people know the best people.

Love Notes

Make this the year you invest in yourself, your growth, and your relationships.

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