Clarity, confidence, and connection to help you show up for your next level.

A summer hypermind experience designed to help you get clear on who you are and what you want—and communicate it, compellingly.

Magnetic AF

You felt crystal clear on your vision, your mission, and your story.

You had support and accountability to finally update your bio, LinkedIn profile or website.

You had dedicated time and space to build relationships with other badass humans in the ESG, sustainability, and social impact space.

You had an extended team of like-hearted leaders cheering you on, hyping you up, and opening doors.

You took the time to *really* invest in yourself, be intentional about the impact you are here to make, and thoughtfully communicate it to others.

Imagine if...

Magnetic AF is a 6-week, hyper-focused magicmind experience for women who are changing. the. world. You'll join an intimate community of change agents who want to amplify and support YOU.

Want to feel magnetic?

we will be your


Hype Women

Extra Set of Eyes

You'll get clear on what you desire, how you're contributing to a better future, and your WHY—and you'll get it all written down.

What you'll receive

Homework, videos, and prompts to help you put pen to paper to articulate who you are and where you're going.


Six 90-minute live calls to review your homework (or whatever came up for you while doing it!) and get real-time, loving input from other leaders in this space who want to see you succeed.


Coffee date match-making by yours truly.



A one-of-a-kind graduation ceremony that you'll think about for years to come.

A private platform channel for connection and accountability during our container.


Since launching my business in 2020, I have helped hundreds of change agents navigate ESG careers, birth mission-driven businesses, and up-level your thought leadership.

Prior to my entrepreneurial journey, I worked as director of social impact for the world's fastest-growing pre-IPO start-up, a management consultant and editor-in-chief for BSR, and the sustainability manager at Qualcomm, a Fortune 200 technology company.

I completed the UC Berkeley Executive Coaching Institute in 2020, have a Masters in Pacific International Affairs from UCSD's School of Global Policy and Strategy, and earned my B.A. in Global Studies from UCSB (Ole!)

I have been trusted by leaders at organizations including Adobe, Grove Collaborative, and PwC, and me and my work have been featured in publications like Brit & Co., Create & Cultivate, Greenbiz, Ladies Get Paid, Nasdaq, and Thrive Global.

An executive coach for women in impact, founder of the Girls Club Collective, and host of the Women Changing the World podcast.

Hi, I’m Lis Best.

The person behind the program

Take a peek into the program

You'll meet the group, and you'll put pen to paper to craft your North Star, identify your values, set your goals for our time together, and articulate your vision for yourself in 10 years.

You'll draft and refine 3 key elements of how you talk about yourself and your impact: your mission statement, brand pillars, and theory of change.

You'll share your story with us - who you are and how you got to where you are today. You'll receive loving feedback on what's working and what could be enhanced or improved.

You'll update your LinkedIn profile, bio, or personal website as part of your homework, and you'll show-and-tell what you've created with the group for input and accountability.

We’ll focus on your audience, what thought leadership looks like for you, and how you can set yourself up for success beyond our time together.

One word: Lovefest. We'll take a moment to love on each other—hard—and celebrate how far we've come. After the program, you'll continue to have access to the worksheets and materials, and you'll be invited to continue your connection and visibility journey as part of the Girls Club Collective.

“Lis is a total gem! She brings all the good vibes and sincerely wants you to succeed which means she will ask you the hard questions – and bring along an awesome worksheet to help you find answers. Working with Lis gave me the confidence I needed to shine in a new job, helped me take stock of and recalibrate the overall work-life-joy-spirit balance of my life, and connected me with a truly fabulous group of likeminded women. Yes, it's an investment. Yes, you are worth it!” 

Theresa Lieb, VP, Nature and Europe, Greenbiz

“[I] would definitely recommend this - I feel like it was so helpful for someone my age! No one has ever asked me what my North Star was before, and that just opened up so many things for me and self-reflection.”

Ella McMahon, Brand Marketing at Spring Fertility

“I was awestruck with the amount of love and support I received both from Lis and the other absolutely inspiring participants. Struggling with major imposter syndrome, showing up each week willing to be seen and listen, I was met with absolute divine guidance through this feminine collective. By the end of the course, I felt more confident than I had in months to show up and share my mission. There is something so powerful about meeting in community with other badass, passionate women."

"If you have been thinking of doing something that really helps you feel excited, energized and loved... absolutely check it out. We all could use some more love, joy and magic. You have come to the right place."

Elana Weinstein, Entrepreneur

“It was an amazing experience, and I honestly still miss it. I also think that for me personally the last 5 years I have just been buried in work and haven't taken the time to think about why am I doing all this and where do I want to go and what is the image I want to portray to the world. It was a great opportunity to think abut those things, learn actionable steps to make them happen, and also connect with women in a similar space doing equally awesome work.”

“It's a great experience for everyone to go through, especially those at a crossroads in their career. Whether you have a personal brand (as an entrepreneur) or work for a company, you can discover things about yourself that you never took the time to think about before.”

Hear from past participants

"Update my LinkedIn" has been on your to-do list for, like, ever.

You feel like there's a lot more you could be doing to show up for your next level than you currently are, but you're not sure where to start.

You're looking for a job, or thinking about looking for a job.

You’re ready to be seen as a leader in your current role.

You love supporting other women doing awesome things.

You're craving a networking and connection environment that is loving, supportive, and generous.

You're committed to being anti-racist and advancing a more inclusive and equitable world.

You're tired of writing and re-writing stuff with no feedback and then never sharing it.

You're over the patriarchy (like, SO over it).

This program is perfect for you if…

VIP Experience

Everything in Magnetic AF, plus:

Join leaders from across social impact and sustainability to articulate your vision, create your brand pillars, identify your thought leadership goals, and refresh how you're showing up online. 

until 7/10

Curated 1:1 accountability match aligned with your goals

Weekly 90-minute hypermind calls to work through your homework and collateral

Weekly homework videos and worksheets to support you in reflecting, strategizing, and updating all the things.

GCC-style graduation celebration that you'll remember for years to come!

Magnetic AF

until 7/10

Get custom support and individual accountability with monthly dedicated 1:1 coaching calls (July-September) designed to enhance your hypermind experience.

3 monthly 50-minute 1:1 coaching calls to review + discuss your Magnetic AF homework, thought leadership strategy + personal branding collateral

Asynchronous LinkedIn profile and/or bio audit when you register before 6/30

Frequently asked questions

Given the physical distance between the members of the cohort, the sessions will be held virtually over Zoom to make participation as easy as possible.

The hypermind will be an intimate group. If we exceed 16 participants, we may add a second date/time to accommodate the cohort.

The sessions will take place from 12:00-1:30pm Pacific on Wednesdays beginning July 17.

The total time commitment of the live group sessions is approximately 9 hours. You should also plan to spend about 60-90 minutes on your homework in between sessions. As with most community experiences, you will get out of this what you put in.

In the past, we have had Magnetic AF participants tap professional development funds at their jobs to pay for their participation. A number of participants have also been entrepreneurs, so this is a #businessexpense. We have a template email that you can leverage if you'd like to start the conversation with your manager about whether you can put this on the corporate card.